Sunday, November 25, 2007


True CONFESSIONS of a menopausal STAMPER...(TMI?...sorry!)....But, oh so true!...I designed this card WAY back in August for my Designer Christmas Card Buffet...which was a huge hit, I think because the cards were challenging more-so than your typical Stamp-a-stacks ( NOT that there is anything wrong with those....beeeeeeecause, they are very gratifying and make one feel accomplished!)
ANYHOO....when I saw this stamp set SIMPLE SNOWMAN from SU....I immediately saw a SNOWGLOBE....Ok, so bouncing back to the menopausal moment....I cannot, for the LIFE of me remember who EXACTLY recommended the basic shaker tute ( maybe Maria Bell??.)...But, this is what I came up with in the end. Using the CD envelopes available anywhere, I stamped the sno-guy onto the window sheet portion with STAYZON ink and colored in with SHARPIES. SNowflakes & the string of lights were stamped onto white cardstock which was placed INSIDE the dimention to the card. MORE flakes stamped on outside edges...and 5 x 5 CD envie was layered onto a 6 x 6 folded card from SU Brocade Blue c/s...sentiment JUST FIT to be punched with round tab punch....another snowflake, punched with circle punch, glittered edge, silver brad, and POPPED....ribbon down one edge....OH...and before sealing up the envie, I added some cheapie glitter & snowflakes to make it a shaker SnowGlobe....The "icicles" across the top are made by taking CRYSTAL EFFECTS and droozling them across a piece of wax paper, and applying DD glitter....Let dry, and just peal it off, and attach to card with Crystal Effects. ( BTW...I DID try this with a BRAND X -CE.....and it did not work...just broke apart!!)
OK...I am a MUCH BETTER teacher IRL!!!....where I can use my hands to talk!....LOL!...I just have a hard time putting my "words" down on "paper"!!
Hope you like the card..I know its a tad blurry...still getting to know my camera.....sorry my "recipe" is not a standard one...( My cooking is basic 101 ALSO!)
PS......DONT FORGET about the BLOG CANDY!!!!!(scroll down!!)

Have a SUPERIOR SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!....Blessings, Debbie


Paula said...

Awesome card! It just makes me shiver looking at the snow and icicles, but you did an excellent job on them. (icicles)

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness!! I have all kinds of cd envelopes, never THOUGHT about using them for shakers/snowglobes! You just opened up a new WORLD for me, sistah! Adorable card! :)

kathleenh said...

Such a pretty shaker card! I love all the glitz and glitter. I have been meaning to try one of these shaker cards and was thinking of a snowflake theme. Yours worked out great!

malieta said...

This card is supah cute!!!!I love it.

Mercy said...

this is too cute! you might soon see one on my blog, too! LOL! thanks for the instructions...your recipes are just as good as mine, girl!

keep up the great work!

Michelle said...

Oh, great card!