Friday, November 2, 2007

Cards for Soldiers

I woke up this my wonderful husband Gary off to work..and started going thru my blogger list doing my "morning read".....first on my list is A Colourful World ,
by Sandy.....I was in absolute tears after reading her latest entry. It sooooo got me thinking of how AWESOME Life is...that God in His Infinite wisdom has a plan for each & every one of us...and we all have a purpose. ALthough I am NOT savvy with expressing in words, I do recognize others who are most eloquent...and Sandy has expressed MY feelings in her blog today....she is such an inspiration!
All that being said....I HAD to show the box that came to my door a few days ago....from a sweet lady, Pat , who I met at a Stamp/Craft show I did with some other STampin'UP! demos a couple of weeks ago. For some reason ( now I KNOW is a GOD thing!), Pat & I were drawn together...and she made the statement that she had been stamping 24/7 for the past 10 months, while taking care of her husband due to illness....She said she had soooooooo many cards, and didnt know what to do with them! I told her about my CARDS FOR SOLDIERS program that I am trying to get going in my rural area.....and low & behold...she sent me a BOX FULL of wonderful creations...WAY over 100 ...PLUS ENVELOPES!!.....Pat is truely a blessing!
I am located close to Ft. Campbell, Ky where my bestest friend, Laura, The Stampin' Soldier is stationed...and these cards will be sent to her fellow soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division, who are now serving our country in Iraq.
If anyone would like to contribute cards to the next BOX 'o Goodies, please send to me at:
Debbie Harris
1910 Mosley Ferry Rd
Chapmansboro, TN 37035
Please pass along this info....these brave souls put their lives on the line for us each and every day....this is the least we can do for them...
Thank you....Blessings, Debbie


Michelle said...

WOW! How generous! I am sure I can contribute!
Thank you for your continued comments on my blog...I appreciate every one!

Sandy said...

Awesome Debbie!!! Those are gorgeous cards, I'm so glad she sent them to you!! And thanks for the comments on my post...I was feeling kinda mushy last night, obviously! :P

Mercy said...

what a wonderful ministry! i will go through all of my cards after my open house next week, then i will send you a goody box to share with our selfless troops...God will truly bless this endeavor!

hope all is well, and i will chat with you soon!

p.s. thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, sistah!!!!

Shelli said...

Are you sending them unsigned cards that they will be able to send on to someone or something signed with a note of encouragement? My niece and a I recycle card fronts to send to different groups collecting cards. Some want blank for the soldiers to be able to use while others want a note to the soldier.

jayne said...

I also will send some cards too thanks for letting us know