Wednesday, October 31, 2007

THANKFUL Accordian Garland

WOW....its been soooooo long since I have posted a picture, I am having trouble with the sizing thing....argh!...Anyhoo....I am TRYING to stay a little more consistant with my posts...ESPECIALLY since there are some MOST AWESOME blog buddies who have not given up on me yet...and keep visiting.....SOOOOOO....This is my take on the SU Garland Greetings "THANKFUL"...using the OH SO VERY,VERY YUMMY Apple Cider designer papers to cover the TOP Quality Chipboard for this wonderful accordian garland. I LOVE how using the CRAFT ink on the chipboard gives it an almost suede look & feel...YOU HAVE to try this!!.....Can't wait to use the other chipper pieces for CHRISTMAS Garlands & decorations!.....

Monday, October 29, 2007


Shame...shame on me!!!!.....No excuses....just too many irons in the fire.....I am basically going to start my blog over from SCRATCH...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause, I cannot seem to keep up with everything!, after today's RAMBLING, I will get back to posting on a regular basis. HONESTLY, I do not know how my FAVORITE BLOGGERS do this daily!..I totally salute you all!
Please forgive me for being beeeeeeeehind on my RAK posts...I have received some awesome packages lately....and will be posting those too, to catch up!
A couple of weeks ago, I met my KINDRED SPIRIT Sister, Mercy
She is a WONDERFUL inspiration....and truely a God send into my life....please check out her blog! it for today......hopefully I can get back on track now with my postings!

Friday, October 5, 2007


OK......its THAT time of the year....its all over the news...BUT, just in case, you don't know, or havent's time to THINK PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My AWESOME blog buddy Corie, had this info all spelled out on her blog....along with a VERY generous offer for donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. SO, not being able to say it any better..I will pass along the VERY IMPORTANT info:

Without a cure, 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will continue to be diagnosed with breast cancer - a devastating disease with physical, emotional, psychological and financial pain that can last a lifetime.

Without a cure, an estimated 5 million Americans will be diagnosed with breast cancer - and more than 1 million could die - over the next 25 years.

Without a cure, an estimated 25 million women around the world will be diagnosed with breast cancer - and 10 million could die - over the next 25 years.

A grassroots organization called Pink for October is encouraging everyone with a website to go pink for the month of October -- to raise awareness and encourage breast cancer education.

We can and should help raise money for research.Over the past 25 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (now Susan G. Komen for the Cure) has contributed significantly to some major victories in the fight against breast cancer:

More early detection - nearly 75 percent of women over 40 years old now receive regular mammograms, the single most effective tool for detecting breast cancer early (in 1982, less than 30 percent received a clinical exam).

More hope - the five-year survival rate for breast cancer, when caught early before it spreads beyond the breast, is now 98 percent (compared to 74 percent in 1982).

More research - the federal government now devotes more than $900 million each year to breast cancer research, treatment and prevention (compared to $30 million in 1982).

More survivors - America's 2.3 million breast cancers survivors, the largest group of cancer survivors in the U.S., are a living testament to the power of society and science to save lives.But the fight against breast cancer isn't over until we've found a cure.

You can help today by donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure!.....PASS IT ON...............

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Bestest Friend & HERO!

Yes, yes, I know...I am sooooooo far behind in posting....But, my Holiday Open House is this celebration of WCMD.....and I am, of course..BEEEEEEHIND!...ANyhoo, at least I will have LOTS of pictures of samples to post next week!
So, here is a picture of MY HERO, my bestest friend LAURA, aka The Stampin' Soldier.I am so lucky and blessed to have her in my life...and so proud of her signing up for ANOTHER tour of duty, serving our country. She is so very talented....I am encouraging her to create her own CARD beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on the lookout!....coming soon! ( I hope!)