Monday, April 15, 2013

Home again...home again...Jiggity Jig!!

Soooooooooooo...I travelled to Atlanta to particpate in
The Revival of Vintage show at The Goat Farm!
It was absolutely awesome...being "back in the saddle again"...on the road doing a show!
*** myself...I really missed my hubby!***
I met up with some wonderful vendors...Alexa Lett   who has been so very wonderful, and encouraging to me, since I met her at the show last fall.....and also Kristen & Evie from
Ella Marie Clothing ....who, without them, I would still be packing up!
Now.....I am getting ready for my NEXT adventure...The Hayloft Barn Sale show in Clarksville, Tn
...I am over-the-top excited to be able to see some old friends from when we lived in Tennessee!
Speaking of  friends....over the weekend, I was able to meet up with a sweet childhood (teenage years) friend whom I graduated high school with!...seeing Sadie after all these years was sooooo awesome!!! only regret is that we did not get a snapshot taken of us together!....maybe next time?
Tomorrow...I am back to the "regular" job...but counting down the days for  the next show!
Making applications online is  MUCH easier nowadays....we've come a LONG way baby!
.....until next time!
creative blessings, debbie