Saturday, November 24, 2007

My GrandGUY SAM Scrapbook Pages

This is SAM.....he's my GrandGuy!....and the sweetest munchkin around. Sammy turned 2 years old this past September...and for several months prior to his birthday, both my hubby and I had struggled with the right approach in talking about..."perhaps something is not right" with our daughter( Sammy's Mommy) Its a sticky situation...and one where you dont WANT to be right....and did cause...hmmmmm shall I say, FRICTION ,between my "middle child daughter grown-up" and myself.....But....a Mama ( that's me) cannot go around with blinders on...ya know ???....for the sake of the child....
So...anyhoo....Sammy has been "tested".....over & over...still no certain diagnosis besides he is WAY far behind developmentally : mentally, emotionally, etc.etc.etc....and a challenge....But, at least, now..he is in the system, and on his way to being helped...praise God!

Check out those GORGEOUS blue eyes!!...My daughter takes the MOST awesome pictures using a DINOSAUR of a digital camera...I LOVE scrapping her pics!

This 12 x 12 double page layout was created at a SCRAPBOOK CLUB I am in with my UP-UPline in SU....I made these two pages "sans" pictures....came home with the empty pages and VOILA!...found the PERFECT pics of SAMMY!...Now, I know, this is not everyone's choice way of scrapping....but it IS getting my pictures done & in an album!....although I still love the "traditional" way of pulling out every bit of paper, stamp set and embelly in my studio and having a field day!! ( ummmm...can ANYONE relate??...LOL!)
I have enjoyed being in the club...and will be starting some of my own, here at THE BEE HIVE Studio in January.....One for for TECHNIQUES....and one for my PASSION..3-D gift-ables.
THANKS SO MUCH for visiting my blog today!....Beeeeeeeee sure to leave a comment for the CANDY I am offering!....Have a SUPER DUPER Saturday!! Blessings, Debbie


All Pink girl said...

Beautiful layout ,bright and crisp ,love it ,
these things all take time they were the same with my sisters boy and hes now 7 but they still can not decide what is his problem,as long as he has his family he will get through ,big hugs Dawnxx

Mercy said...

debbie...he is soooooo cute...i could eat him up! great layouts!

Shannon McGann said...

I love these layouts - you did a great job! And I agree - your grandguy is such a cutie! Look at those big blue eyes!

malieta said...

This layout is beautiful!