Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whats the BUZZZZZZZ?...Let me Tell You what's Happening

YOWZA!! has been forever since my last blog post...But, I have been UBER Bizzzzzzy!
After 22 years of not working OUTSIDE of the home..I have just joined the work force about a LIFE changing experience!.....I started working for Lowes ( not at the same store as my Mr. Lowes...its not allowed)..I am a Customer Service Associate in the PAINT & Home Decor department.....and LOVING it!!!.....not only do I get a regular paycheck( something I personally have not experienced in many years)...but, I get quite a workout on those big tall a free aerobic stair step!!!
Anyhoo....soooooooo, I have been lax in getting my 10 Grand Hit blog give-a-way box out to Flossie ( I am sooo sorry for the delay, my friend!).....but, there will be a few extras to make up for it!....My "creative" time is WAY limited now...and I treasure each and every moment I can steal away in my Bee Hive Studio!....and go figure....this work schedule has made my creative juices REALLY flow....oh my goodness.....sooooo many ideas & projects!!!
I have signed up for a few SWAPS thru SwapDex ( a VERY cool blog!)....and re-visited my FIRST crafting love of SEWING!
So......all that beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing said....I would like to encourage you to check back...and see whats new from StudioBeeCreations......and my Etsy shop will be overflowing soon with APRONS, BAGS, Pincushions ( hmmmm...lots of sewing!!)...along with my one-of-a-kind card creations using my all time love of recycled & reclaimed VINTAGE textiles.
Beeeeeeeeee sure to visit my dd's blog Joy-Full-Ness...she is having an AWESOME give-a-way !!
Thanks for peaking in at The Bee Hive today...your comments and support are uplifting!
ANd I also have a few RAKS to catch up posting.....coming soon!!
Creative blessings,


Sandy said...

Wow! Congrats on your new adventure!! I was wondering where you were, and was thinking I'd have to bug you with an email and see if you were still buzzing around! :)

Jenna Z said...

Coolio! Thanks for the mention, I'm so glad people are getting use out of the ol' SwapDex!!

Marlou said...

I am delighted for you Debbie getting back to work :) great news, you will beeeee super buzzzzzy now with everything, :) x