Monday, May 5, 2008

How Can I Beeeeeeeeeeeee SO Blessed???....

Check out this STINKIN'CUTE RAK from my sweet friend ALEX!!!....Seriously, I had coveted and commented on her blog how perfect this card was...for me....and she already had sent it to me!!....I am soooooo BLESSED!!.....Alex used one of my FAVE SU stamp sets ( of course....with the beeeeeee)....I LOVELOEVLOVE it!
I am so bizzzzzzzzzzzy creating my sewing projects for my ETSY shop....I have Amy Butler fabrics on order....along with some other YUMMY-licious textiles....Hoping to get posted by weeks end.....working outside the home after ALL these years, really limits my creative "time"....but, actually has INCREASED my creativity as far as designing...go figure!
Anyhoo...I have more Cardsforheroes Fundraising cards to post.....honestly...even if you are already a card maker...this is SUCH an awesome organization that could use your support!..Please check out my ETSY shop to view some of the creations by participating card makers throughout the USA who have contributed their time and creativity for the cause!!
Creative blessings,


Alexandra said...

So glad you like it - it WAS made for you!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Marlou said...

Oh hi Debbie, delighted to see you back, this is such a beautiful card!! hope that you are well , hugzz xx