Monday, March 31, 2008

WHOOOO WHooooo...Lookie what I won!!

Lucky, lucky me...lookie what Alex sent me!!!.Thanks so much, my sweet friend!..I LOVE blog candy!!...both giving and receiving! a matter of fact...somehow...someway, I have OVER 10,000 HITS!, I need to celebrate!...Hmmmm......gotta do something REALLY special!
I was trying to figure out how I MISSED the big crossing over day....and remembered when SANDY was here...she set me up on a daily Google Stalk list....makes blurffing easy, BUT, I keep adding NEW friends..and I forget to check out my "regular" blog....duh!...BUT...I LOVE it! have my class Shawna & I are teaching at CKC in St. Louis this I am bizzzzzzy as a you know what getting STUFF together for that. Trying to post something in my ETSY shop more often ( FUNRAISING.... PLUS my own goodies too).
Soooooooooooo....Celebrating 10 GRAND will be NEXT week!...Make sure you come back & see what I have...I promise YUMMY-LICIOUS-NESS!
Thanks for visiting....creative blessings,


Alexandra said...

I am so very glad you like it!!! Can't wait to see what you create with it!!
Congrats on the hits my friend, how awesome!!


Janine said...

Lucky you !!!
Have a great day!

Diane said...

Woohoo look at that candy!!! Alex is always so generous with her candy!! Enjoy it girl!

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Who doesn't love yummy-licious-ness?!

Marlou said...

Hi Debbie, finally I get round to catching up with all your beeeeeautiful work that I missed while I was unwell, you have made stunning cards!!! and thank you so much for your support debbie :) enjoy your candy congratulations xx

Sandy said...

Gotta love candy!!!!

Hey girl, I'm hopefully putting a package in the mail to you tomorrow with cards for the Etsy fundraiser---I am just so tired, and wanted to do more before I seal the envie, but I am wiped! I may wait til Monday to ship it. Got some brochures for you too.

And I did get the ribbon share too, gorgeous!! I just havent had the energy to even email!!! :( Thank you!!!!