Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TEXTURE...Sammy & the Mosaic headboard

OK...OK....by now...anyone who is a "regular" here knows I am LATE on this entry for accountability...but...have you checked out my BLOG CANDY & proposal??...A bizzzzzzy bee am ME!....not grammatically correct...but, totally explains!...Thanks to my sweet friend Alex, California Stampin'..I have been able to keep the Just Beeeecause Blog Candy post at the top ( she was brilliant at helping out my tech-no challenged brain!)....and it will stay there ( just like a new post..how cool is that??) until February 29th...when I will choose at random a winner.....That gives you PLENTY of time to send in those beeeeeeeeeeeees for heros!

sooooooooooooooooooo...without further yammering.....here is todays post.....my sweet grandguy Sam....from January of this year.....He was so inquisitive and loving all of the colors..and the feel of the texture in my CUSTOM designed headboard....made by me! ( Yes, Mr. Lowes did all the cleaning and heavy lifting!).....We took a VINTAGE 8-pane window...and I adhered some of my collection of stained glass, rescued and recycled dishes, marbles and trinket boxes and grouted the whole thing.....VERY HEAVY!!...but screwed it securely into the wall above our bed...and VOILA!!...a headboard!....Cool Beans....huh?...I can tell you its a ONE and ONLY Original!!

ANyhoo....in my quest to use it up....I have embellished the layout with some assorted colored vellum I have had stashed away...along with some very fun colored shell buttons.

My bizzzzzzzzzy-ness as of late has also been consumed with my new CARD KIT CLUB that I am offering ....both local & long distance.....SO, if you are reading this...and are possibly interested....PLEASE email me and I will send the details!!!...no obligation....no commitment!

Thanks so much for everyone's comments and participation in my Just Beeeeeeeeeeecause cause....for Cards for Heros!!!
Creative blessings, Debbie


Alexandra said...

I love this - he is such a cutie pie! And, LOVE that headboard, hello??!! Gorgeous!

Glad to know my little tip helped out - LOL! Luv ya!


Jenny said...

Love the use of the floss (?) tied through the buttons. I would like to know more about the card club thing. With the holiday coming up, I hope to have time to kill this weekend. Yippee!

Sandy said...

Oh this is so beauuutiful, what a great way to create a headboard!!!

Flossie's Follies said...

this headboard is awesome and your grandson looks like he plans on spending a few nights in your bed, checking it out with both hands and feet.

Jen - A Spice Angel said...

Lovely creation sistah!!! I've awarded you with a "bitch badge" - ck it out here:



Jen - A Spice Angel said...

BTW - you don't look like you're a grandma... a gorgeous young thing you are....


All Pink girl said...

Fabulous layout as always ,realy cute xxxx
please pop over my blog please i have given you an excellent award xxxDawnxx

Shannon McGann said...

What a great layout! I love all the colours. Thanks for sharing!