Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting my POP of Color ON!

Short 'n sweet posty....getting started with my bottle brush trees for the upcoming season....
and yessssssssssssssss...I was wearing gloves..but, WITW anyhoo, I AM a POP of Color!
Next show coming up is Bella Rustica in Tennessee....and then I must stay close to home for several weeks as my hubby {Mr. Wonderful} has back surgery.
I won't be doing much on the road...but a couple of local shows...
Stay tuned,,,will be posting some of my crafty wares soon!
creative blessings,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Door closed...OPEN window!!! happened again...
another rejection...
BUT...I am looking towards the Open Window...and pressing on!
I have some projects up my sleeve(that's a hint!)...that I am working on to submit for publication...with the ever present encouragement from family & friends!
Going Forward...with the example of sweet friend Alexa Lett  (well known author, and fantastic artsy-craftsy merchant)..leading me toward that said "open window"...I will continue my quest (cue music...any music..I love to sing).
Working on some canvases, art blocks and assorted mixed media yumminess!
Have a SUPERB day!!
creative blessings,