Sunday, February 22, 2009

PEEK-A-BOO!!!!!....Look who's BACK!!!!!

SO very sorry I have been away FOR-EV-ER....I am still working at Lowes and lovin'it...I have moved my BeeHive Studio from the basement to an upstairs bedroom to HOPEFULLY corral my STUFF to a manageable size....( but, seriously, now the basement is a storage facility for all the odds 'n ends & doo-dads that do not fit!)
I am trying to get back in the "creative saddle" I have been dormant for too sure to check back and see what I have been up to!
In the meantime......
LOOKEE what I got for Valentine's Day!!!
Isn't she just UBER CUTE?????...and what a FUN gift from my most AWESOME hubby (aka:Mr.Lowes)
Sapphire blue metalic...YUMMY-licious!!!!......My first inkling was to pick a yellow bug with a black convertible BEE-ish.....but, I fell in love with this one instead.....I do however plan on some "bee" accessories!!!
I feel like I am starting my blog all over again. I appreciate all the kind words and emails from my faithful followers...those of you who have encouraged me to get back creating and blogging.
I have so many ideas on my creative to-do you just never know what you might find here....beeeeeeeeee sure to buzz back soon!!!
Creative blessings,


Heather P. said...

Hey you! Welcome back! :)

Abbie said...

Ooooo!! That is so much fun! :) Last year for my birthday my hubby had a Kabota Tractor delivered. I told him since it was 'mine' (ha!) that I was going to have 'Hot Momma' painted on the bucket. :) Enjoy toolin' around in it! (no Lowes pun intended..)

joyfullness said...

Oh My Word!
How did you keep this from me??
Dieing to here all abou it!!
You look fantastic..and beautiful as always!!
I Love you ...

The Stampin' Soldier said...

OMG! You know I totally want one too!!! Can we be bug twinkies when I get back??? I still want that pink Vespa too though. :-)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! Where do I start?! First if all - you look completely awesome! The car is absolutely adorable. WOW!! I mean exceedingly WOW!!

Maybe that's what I need to get my blog going again. ;)


Sandy said...

What a cuuuuuuuuute little car!!! And cute little you in it! :) Nice to see your smiling face! Say hi to your sweet hubby for me....seeya!

Jes said...

Well, well, well!
Lookee who's back!!!
Good to see look FAB :)
and lovin' the Bug. errr...Beetle?

Atif said...

what a cute car lovely color too much attractive.

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