Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The BEE HIVE is BUZZIN'....New items for ETSY

FINALLY!!!!....Here is just a sampling of some new things I will be posting in my Etsy shop.....tomorrow......not enough time this morning before going to work to get them in the shop. Please beeeeeeeee sure to check back in the morning for some yummy-ness AND a SPECIAL SALE!!.....
Update on my van......OH DEER!!!.....well, it could have been it stands right now...I have a rental ...and the van is in the shop, just "shy" of being can be repaired.....So, we are out of pocket our deductible....and a little could have been ALOT worse.
Thanks so much for checking in today!
Creative blessings,


Alexandra said...

Wonderful new stuff, my friend - very cute! And, I am glad you were not hurt, vans can be replaced, YOU cannot! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

The Stampin' Soldier said...

I didn't know his bday was tomorrow! Did you!?

joyfullness said...

I Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness....i was just at your etsy shop...*be ye kind*...i think it has my name on it!! i had to memorize that verse (the whole thing) and recite it in kindergarten!! aaaahhhh, memories.
now I have a kindergartener...n wait, 1st grader, as of next week!! yikes!

lots of love to you, friend :)