Thursday, June 12, 2008

What was once OLD...has become NEW...again

Well....its my day off from my job at Lowes...and I am bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy creating for my Etsy shop.....and after catching up on some morning blog-reading...I thought I would give my input ( not that anyone asked...but, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause I feel inclined to)....on the matter of copyright with crafts....whether it be paper/textile/wood or whatever...if you obtain inspiration and value from someone elses work, then it is always polite to acknowledge them. But, seriously, there's not too much that IS new!....Take these yo-yo's.......I have rescued them from a Love-Worn, VINTAGE quilt....and transformed them into fun & fresh..USABLE little works of art....This sweet little swag below measures approximately 7 feet long...and would be adorable for qualifying for one of The Nester's window mistreatments.....or over a mantle...or in a bowl....Little pieces of the past...YUMMY 1930's fabrics and flour sack cloths!
And CHECK THESE OUT!!.....from the same rescue....sets of TACKS for your corkboard....along with some of my coveted ANTIQUE buttons much fun are these for YOUR creative space????
OHOHOH.....and these too.......FUN bookmarks....Gigando paper clips with yo-yos attached on either side with UBER FUN buttons( some old....some new)
ANyhoo.......beeeeeeeee sure to check out the NEW STUFF in my Etsy creative MOJO is working overtime....and I am LOVIN' it!
.........and BTW.......since being out in the "retail world" for the past 6 weeks, I have made a discovery......that there are some AWESOME ,WONDERFUL people in the friendly customers>>>always with a smile.....and then...there are those stinkers( you know who they are!!!)..who should NEVER leave the house and inflict rude, mean & ugly remarks on the poor working class servants.!!!!...Not to mention(but I will)..those who OPEN packages to "see whats inside" ..and then not only do NOT put said item back in the package, BUT..leave it totally NOT where it goes!....sheeeeeeesh!....cant we all be respectful of one another?.....I even go into OTHER retail stores , and rehang fallen items...or front face stock...or help other customers with a smile.......
Thanks for reading my rant of the day....while I have been creating...I have been doing ALOT of thinking!(obviously!
Creative blessings,


The Stampin' Soldier said...

Sheesh! Well, I always put stuff back where I find it, and I always bring in a cart from the parking lot too. So, I hope that helps! :-D

The Nester said...

I love the swag and love them used as book marks too!

Alexandra said...

You crack me up, girl!! I know, there ARE some rude suckers out there, and I think most of them live in California - Sheesh! Your new creations are fabby girlfriend, your shop must be hoppin'! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

joyfullness said...

Those bookmarks are so super fun!!!
LOve them!! I liked this post a lot.. You are probably the very brightest spot in those stinkers days!!! Way to go!! I am so proud to call you Mommy!!

Shannon McGann said...

You have such a great attitude! I also put stuff where it belongs when I'm in a store, so don't worry about me! LOL! I hope you have more nice, cheery customers than stinkers. ;)

I love all your new creations! You are so talented!

E-Fran said...

Ha, ha! I love your writings! I have worked in retail/sales several years and I definitely hear you! I remember the crazies but also my lovely lady who kept coming back and always asked for me. :)