Thursday, June 19, 2008

LOWES Paint Department...This is Debbie...How may I help you?

Just a little FYI post today....I am about 7 weeks into my new LIFE at working in the outside status as of today is PART-TIME Seasonal, at Lowes Home Improvement ...which is approximately 40-45 hours a week right now.....Soon, they will tell me IF I can be permanent....which I am hoping for BEEEEEEEEEEEECause I am sooooooo loving it!
I spend 1/2 my time in Home Decor ( the other day I cut 48 Plantation Faux wood Blinds!!!)...and the other 1/2 of my time is in the PAINT DEPT.......I LOVE PAINT!!!....I keep telling my managers ( and everyone else who will listen) that I LOVE PAINT!.....OH, the YUMMY colors!!!
So.....after catching up on some blog reading this morning ( I work 10-7 today)...I came across this past posting from THE NESTER (who would absolutely LOVE the Home Decor MIS-TREATMENTS!)....where she reveals her favorite paint color Tobacco to let you all know what I have discovered in the past few weeks at LOWES is: Pay NO ATTENTION to the ad on TV about color matching that BIG PURPLE wont work.....anything with any texture or mix of colors( that pillow with brown/black/tan specks) will not be an EXACT match....sorry!..BUT>>>I CAN match that piece of trim you yanked off your wall ...OH...and we have also color matched a FINGER NAIL ( yes...the nail..!!!)EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!.... CAN bring in MOST color names or #'s off other paint companies...and we can mix it for you....because we have the secret code!(...ok..the computer does)...and ALSO....we can do University and SPORTS team colors too!....which is UBER cool!.. my opinion....IF you are going to take the time to paint...then I would advise you to use Lowes VALSPAR Signature or Ultra Premium paints.....(no, this is not a commercial...just my "expert"??? opinion)....The difference between Valspar & Olympic paints is like the difference between CREAM( valspar)...and WATER(olympic).....SO....if you are just painting to move out of where you are...or just need a quickie coverup...then use the Olympic...BUT...if you want the YUMMINESS ..and are planning on living with the color for a while, then absolutely use will not be disappointed!
Also...if you have a LOWES in your town....and have need to take advantage of our BUILD & GROW program.....Two saturdays every month...we do a FREE Craft project with the kids....sign up on-line....the next one is scheduled for June 28th....UBER COOL baseball field!
I have been soooooooooo happy to be put in charge of this the past few sessions....I LOVE THE KIDS!! it for right now....I have to get some creating STUDIO is overflowing with projects!!!!!
Thanks for visiting....
Creative blessings,


The Nester said...

Hey girl! so glad you love your new job!

tell me then, can you just look up the code for Duron tobacco road and mix it that way? I feel like my color match for it is not super close even though I still love it.

tobacco road has been discontinued.renamed?

Corie said...

Congrats on the new job! My hubby works for Lowes too, it seems like he has been there forever. It is a good company to work for.

Alexandra said...

Sounds like you love your job - LOL! I am so happy for you Deb, I am going to be venturing out again myself....miss your creations though! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

joyfullness said...

This is such a cute posting...i wish you were here at our Lowe's..we'd have you mixing up all sorts of queen red anyone?? We love YOU!!

Flossie's Follies said...

It is wonderful that you are so loving your job. Thanks for the paint matching tips, I am always trying to match something.

L said...

I wonder if you or one of your readers would mind posting the Tobacco Road paint mix here. I can not get it at a Lowe's and am desperately seeking TR to paint my main floor!

I am in Canada where Rona, Home Depot and Benjamin Moore rule the world of colour..

Thank you... and I love your blog.