Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I HAVE A NEW ADDICTION!!!!!.....& Obsession....Thanks sooooooooo much to
MS.DIVA Samantha Parisi
Oh MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!....I KNEW I was hooked when, after filling up a stamp supply box with these FUN SPIRELLI's, using, of course, scraps from my stash (ya know, I NEVER throw anything away that can possibly be stamped or punched!)....that I actually reached for a WHOLE PIECE of c/s to PUNCH SOME MORE!..At least this addiction, unlike my one with chocolate, does not contain any FAT CALORIES!.....Honestly, these are wonderful...and now I have a ton of them to create more Christmas cards with!
Check out the 5-petal punch I used too...with a Spring Flower Bouquet flower center...spinning...spinning....my head is spinning!!!...Thanks, Samantha!!....Beeeeeeeee sure to check out her great TUTE on her blog!....I am on a QUEST today to use all of these on my cards BEEEEEEEEE-4 I punch any more!!!....hmmmmmmmmmmm...what do you want to bet.......??
Blessings, Debbie


The Stampin' Soldier said...

You're SOOO compulsive! Have you made one card yet??? :-)

Samantha said...

Oh, Miss Debbie...I'm thinking you and I are going to have to join the "Friends of Bill W. for Spirelli" and if there isn't a Spirelli Annon...well, then we'll just make a 12-Step Program of our own! Love it!!! BTW-My dinning room table looks EXACTLY the same way!

Shannon McGann said...

Wow! These are beautiful! I have to go check out the tutorial on how to do them! I may become as obsessed as you! TFS!

malieta said...

These are beautiful Deb, I love the look of the Spirelli!
p.s. I use to have something like this when I was a kid,I would make a bunch of designs similar to yours and I can't remember the name of it now!