Friday, December 14, 2007

ALTERED TILE Dry Erase Board

Here's MY version of an altered tile.....using it for a dry erase board.....I have seen others while BLURFFING ( what a fun name for stalking!)...and wanted to try it out. So, I had to play MRS. WIZARD ( for those of you who remember Mr. Wizard...the science dude on TV years ago!...This is what I found out through MANY trials on my PROTOTYPE Tile ( this tile will never be seen!)......
  1. If you happen to be handy, or live with a MR. need to sand off the "nipples" around the edges of the tiles....I suppose these have a purpose when using as intended!
  2. CLEAN tile ( glazed kind so, dry erase marker will work) with rubbing alcohol to clean off dirt, oils, etc.
  3. Stamp design ( I used the FREE Hostess set that SU sent to all demos....FUN!!)with STAYZON...set with heat gun ( I am soooooo impatient to wait for it to dry!)..This will help it NOT come off when you add color!
  4. Color in with SHARPIE PERMANENT not drag your hand thru the "wet" marker while coloring!( duh...did this one time!).....If this does occur, or you are NOT happy with the can use NAIL POLISH REMOVER and wipe it all away, and start over with step #2.
  5. OK...NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!....Thru my trials, I discovered the TRICK is to BAKE these babies!( the Crystal Effects druzzled oer it DID NOT WORK!...left it, well, YUCKY!)So, you need to BAKE at 350 degrees ( place it in a cold oven) for about 2 hours...then turn off the oven & let it cool in oven ( you can do up about 6 of these at once)
  6. Remove when cool..The heat does change the colors some what.....DO NOT USE A sealer, or these will not accept the dry erase marker!!!
  7. CLEAN WITH A DRY SOFT CLOTH( or paper towel) water needed!!!
I got my easel at Hobby Lobby on sale ( nice & scrolly, heavy weight)...The ones at the $$$ Tree were all gone!..Tied it up with some YUMMY SU Ribbon......And added the BEADED MARKER!!!!....if you need instructions for me!
Soooooooo...this was my "gift" for my UP-UP Lines Dirty Santa exchange last night....and it seemed to go over well.....since it got "taken" 3 times!!
Gonna make more....if there were only 48 hours in a day!!!!!..........back to work( aka: PLAY!)
It's supposed to SNOW here!!!...whooowhooo( gotta buy milk & bread!LOL!)


The Stampin' Soldier said...

Well look at you being a stampin' smartie!

lifesabeach32940 said...

WOW!! I have been wanting to try making these, and your instructions have inspired me to do so. I have two quick questions (I hope you don't mind). When baking the tile, you say to place in a "cold" oven. Does this mean that you put the tile in the oven, THEN turn it on to 350 degrees? Also, do you put the tiles directly on the oven racks or do you use a cookie sheet of some kind?

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Hey!...Thanks so much for checking out my blog & leaving a comment! in oven on the rack itself ( middle rack placement)..THEN turn on the oven....after times up, then turn off & let cool inside the oven(its ok to open the door of the oven a bit to speed along cooling)
Let me know if you have any other questions...& I would LOVE to see your finished pieces!
creative blessings, Debbie

Dee said...

What a cool idea! I've never seen this before. Thanks so much for the instructions.
Have a great Holiday!

malieta said...

Very cute Deb!

lydia said...

Did you use regular sharpie markers or paint markers?

lydia said...

Did you use Sharpie permanent markers or paint markers?

lydia said...

Sorry I did not mean to post twice.

curmudgeonette said...

Just found your site - wonderful! I'm a yard sale freak - there's nothing like plundering through other people's junk...and then finding new and artsy lives for that junk! Will be back soon, since it is Christmas and I'll bet you're full of good ideas :)

Also, may I borrow your new word, BLURFFING? It's good to know there's a name for what I do... :D