Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nice Matters Award

How SUPER Duper SWEET !!!!.....This Nice Matters award from my BESTEST Friend Laura
.....but really & truely...SHE deserves it most,most,most!....I am so blessed that 2 years ago a chance meeting in HL & then a LSS, brought us together!...She is the age of my youngest child , but in this WONDERFUL WORLD of STamping & Scrapping, age does NOT make a difference!...We do get mad when people ask..."Are you Mother & Daughter?".....guess we spend so much time together, we have "adopted" each other's ways!..( good for me...bad for her!!)
I have met sooooooo many awesome ladies thru this many have INSPIRED me....Just even blogging is overwhelming to me, which is why I cannot seem to get posts done on a regular basis ( I can make the cards/scrapbook pages/altered art....just cannot write about it!)
I would like to nominate each and EVERY one on my BLOGGER ROLL for this award too!...If I could only figure out how to HIGHLIGHT the entire column!!...can you help me here, Laura?

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