Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Myles Art

Ok...more of my GRANDGUY, Myles..and his art.....I cannot seem to get the picture right, tho...without my Bestest Friend, Laura my side....SO, I will go ahead and I can get something up...then call her for help!!!!!...what would I do without her??..I dont want to find out!..ANYHOO>...this 12 x 12 was made on non-SU rogue texture c/s....with FUNNY PAPER STRIP cut out & mounted on black textured c/s. I printed on c/s the "right words" to fit...& cut & pasted them onto the strip: daughter's name Joy, Myles & MAMA ( that would be me!) to conform the strip for us.....I KNOW its hard to read....soooo it says:
"Now, Now, Joy...I know he did not do it as an act of rebellion...Since Myles is unable to share his deep love for you in express how much he appreciates all of the things you do for him...he created a very personal piece of artwork. Instead of punishment, you should give him a great big hug"....Then "Myles" says..." Mama is my public relations agent"
I added a metal rimmed tag from my stash that has the definition for "create".

Joy had given Myles some watercolor paints...and he was doing an awesome job, as usual.....but, then decided he needed to expand his CANVAS to incorporate the dining room window. SUCH AN ARTIST!!

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