Friday, January 31, 2014

My Favorite Things for Scrap It Girl..

well...............better late than never!

Here is my contribution to Scrap It Girl's

January 31,2014 uber cool beaners is THIS!!????
Found on a "day trip date" with my hubby (Mr.Wonderful) a "yard sale"...on a very side/off road...
This was a file cabinet(slate grey in color) that we transformed into awesome storage ( in a yummy VALSPAR turquoise....yes, we work @ Lowes)!!
Measures 36"w x 19"d x 11"h
3 drawers are 10"w
...and the BONUS...they  were ALL filled with VINTAGE sewing patterns!
...for the steal of the day....$5.00!!
The picture does not do it justice (snowy day in SC)!....but it is by far a fun & YUMMY addition to my studio!
Currently I have it filled with my "I cannot even think of getting rid of these Stampin' UP! stamps!"
(you know what I mean!)
I plan on being better with my Scrap It Girl sure to check us out!!

creative blessings, debbie


Linda said...

Awesome find!

Laura Evangeline said...

That is a GREAT find! You should give us a tour of your studio. I would love to see!!!