Sunday, September 14, 2008


Check out this MOST AWESOME FUNFUNFUN coffee cup my wonderful husband gave me for my birthday!!...I LOVE DOTS...he SO gets me!....But's really NOT a for real coffee cup! is a planter ( ummm...drainage hole in bottom...dont think it would hold much liquid!
ANd...just in case you are wondering the SIZE....see comparison in picture below of my "normal" dotted coffee cup:

Isnt it just TOOOOOOOOO UBER CUTE!????

So....its my birthday..and as promised...I have HAPBEEEEEEEEE BIRTHDAY BLOG CANDY!
What am I giving away???...(no, not my cup)...but......I will FILL a USPS FLAT RATE ( the BIG one)box of goodies from my stash!

What do you have to do to qualify?...Just post a comment here and tell me if you prefer to craft with PAPER or TEXTILES....for one "ticket" in the bee basket....You see, personally, I find myself totally split on this subject...which is why I have an over abundance of STUFF in my STASH!.....altho, I LOVE the cross-over supplies best!
and......for ANOTHER "ticket".....POST my BLOG CANDY on your blog....just copy and paste my blog addy for StudioBeeCreations in your post.....and email me & let me know!
BUT WAIT!!!....there's even MORE!!!!
Visit my ETSY shop.....and purchase ANY 4 items.....and get FREE SHIPPING on the whole purchase ( please wait for an adjusted invoice).......AND you will also qualify for 4 more "tickets"
for the basket!
This chance to win will stay on top until next Sunday, September 21st.....when I will have the help me destash...and enter to win!!
Creative blessings,


The Stampin' Soldier said...

Oh! THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Gary beat me again on the present giving though.

cpullum said...

Happy Birthday! Paper is always good!

Jan Scholl said...

I use both paper and fabrics-don't make me choose! I am always scrounging thru the bins at Joann's looking for tiny pieces of wonderful textures.
But I also love the look and feel of textured paper.

Now that cup would hold a mighty hearty cup of green tea, ya think?

Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! That is a really BIG cup! :))

I love paper crafts!

Cindi said...

What a cute planter! I want one!

I prefer textiles. I never got into the scrap booking thing...too busy quilting.

Happy Birthday from the Beehive State (Utah).


hope said...

This is so cute! I really love crafting, and its hard to choose, but I'd say textiles! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday!! :)


sewspun said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! I hope you had a good weekend! I'm going to go ahead and enter in this one. Even though I love everything paper, I would have to say I use more of the other on a daily crafting basis.
I will post about this for you too!

Sena said...

Happy Birthday!! :D
I prefer paper ^^


Christina said...

PAPER all the way! I just haven't quite figured out the Textile thing... I know. I'm boring! ;-)
Happy Birthday... and I LOVE that cup! Tea or Cocoa or coffee... What's in it!? ;-)

joyfullness said...

In a pinch..i am sure a cork would come in handy if you needed a really BIG cuppa!!! and maybe a straw...or 10....I love crafts...I get that from you...but i must ...
paper.....both??..but most of all..i love you...thank you for giving me such a love for the crafty....for encouraging me to use my matter what the medium!!and for my first crazy craft table ever...that toy box...just for me...and my handmade kiddo crafts...i loved working right beside
when are you moving...?? i have some fantastic new cards i'm making that would work great for YOUR..."WE just moved cards"
Love you and miss you!

Stampin Cats said...

Love the planter. I love anything that has to do with coffee and plants, and cats. Hmmmmm, paper for fabric. If you ask my husband, I have too much of both. I'll have to say paper, I haven't done much with the fabric lately.

ChelseaP said...

Happy late Birthday! I've been wanting to send you a message anyway, but Joy linked you in her post today so it was a reminder for me! As for paper or fabric. Hahaha, I'm sure you've heard that I'm not crafty! But if anything I would generally sew. I wanted to thank you for Sullivan's so sweet blankie. She loves to feel all the ribbons and go round and round the edges trying them all. I included a picture of how well it matches her room. So sweet! So thank you so much for all your hard work. You should definitely add these to your Etsy... I think they'd do well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

ChelseaP said...

Okay, try the link again!
Let me know if it doesn't work!

Jes said...

paper, paper, paper, paper, paper, paper....paper...paper.......PAPER.

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, my friend!! I hope it was just lovely. :)

much love,

ribenaruby said...

Happy birthday! I do love paper crafts and that really is a big mug. Thanks for the chance.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday... I just love your new coffee cup.. its way cute.
Please enter me in your drawing... I like textiles best :)

BrineS said...

Love fabrics!


A glance at my world said...

Happy Birthday!! Very cute "cup" :)

Jenny said...

How do I do the blog candy post thingy? For me - personally - definitely paper. Happy Happy Birthday to you - even a few days later... Love, Jenny

Alexandra said...

I LOVE that - I have one in grapes and wine, lol!!! Happy birthday,my friend - I have missed hearing from you!!! Nice blog candy too - and I am so addicted to paper! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Nanna said...

Happy Birthday! It is soooo hard to choose. I love the scrapbook and make cards, but I also love to try a new sewing project. I just finished a pumpkin!

Joanie and Dianne said...

Wow, that's massice - and probably much nicer than my old thing. Thanks for visting my site (Nini Makes) - gives me a chance to check your lovely blog out! And happy birthday, mine is nearly here too :)

Joanie and Dianne said...

oops, meant to say massive


Sandy said...

I am the lamest blurfing friend EVER...happy belated birthday! (My excuse? I have 890 posts stuck in my google reader, it's scaring me! Eeeep!) Love your hubby's gift, what a CUTE planter, it really IS you!:)