Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally...I think I've got it!!!!

Well....I suppose I should get a picture posted of my new Bee Hive Studio...all -beeeeeeeee- it still a work in progress....but, I am actually getting some new projects accomplished....along with...."ahem" ...FINDING MANYMANYMANY projects still needing some "love".
Since I am transferring this coming week to a new Lowes store in Nashville, I have found myself in a most bittersweet position. There are some wonderful people I have met thru this journey I embarked on last April....and I am trying to come up with some handmade cards to give out this weekend.....along with perhaps some kind of "treat" bag or something ....haven't really figured this one out yet.
Here is one thank you card I came up with...using the FUNFUNFUN Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter my dd, Jenny gave me this past Christmas. I am embarrassed to say that it took me taking a Silhouette Class 101 at my local SBS, Memories in a GREAT cheat sheet handout....and of course, the ever faithful help from dd to get this super sweet card created...a real TEAM effort....but, now , I feel very confident using it!...The possibilities are endless!!!
I used a bunch of scraps I had on my work table....along with some Stampin'UP! products. I LOVE this birdie I was able to download into my QK library....I will definitely be making alot more of these....just to have on hand...the sentiment can be left until the last needed.
Be sure to check out my Etsy shop.....I have added more of my EVER POPULAR vintage quilt heart cut-outs.....a NEW button will be coming I am de-stashing ( all wont fit in the new studio!!!)
Creative blessings,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PEEK-A-BOO!!!!!....Look who's BACK!!!!!

SO very sorry I have been away FOR-EV-ER....I am still working at Lowes and lovin'it...I have moved my BeeHive Studio from the basement to an upstairs bedroom to HOPEFULLY corral my STUFF to a manageable size....( but, seriously, now the basement is a storage facility for all the odds 'n ends & doo-dads that do not fit!)
I am trying to get back in the "creative saddle" I have been dormant for too sure to check back and see what I have been up to!
In the meantime......
LOOKEE what I got for Valentine's Day!!!
Isn't she just UBER CUTE?????...and what a FUN gift from my most AWESOME hubby (aka:Mr.Lowes)
Sapphire blue metalic...YUMMY-licious!!!!......My first inkling was to pick a yellow bug with a black convertible BEE-ish.....but, I fell in love with this one instead.....I do however plan on some "bee" accessories!!!
I feel like I am starting my blog all over again. I appreciate all the kind words and emails from my faithful followers...those of you who have encouraged me to get back creating and blogging.
I have so many ideas on my creative to-do you just never know what you might find here....beeeeeeeeee sure to buzz back soon!!!
Creative blessings,